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Western Railway Museum

This is a museum located in Suisun,CA it is located halfway from Sacramento and San Francisco. This museum contains exibits from Sacramento Northern, San Francisco Muni and Key System (Now Known as AC Transit) these are all rail services that serve the San Francisco and Sacramento areas in terms of passengers in its day. Note these streetcars featured in the museum are models prior to 1980. The Western Railway Museum was started as The Bay Area Electric Railroad Association. It is located in Rio Vista California just off Highway 12 at Rio Vista Junction. They preserve all kinds of railroading history. Their operating collection consists mostly of every type of traction you can think of, and also includes some very interesting steam and diesel equipment. Add to this their impressive archive and the fact that a lot of their prototype collection is stored in sealed buildings and there's a lot to like! Located along California State Highway 12, in the Sacramento River Delta Region, in rural Solano County, is the Bay Area Electric Railroad Association's Western Railway Museum. Originally founded in 1946, as a charter group on electric railways of the west, the organization collected more and more streetcars, interurbans, steam, and diesel locomotives, and in 1960, it was decided to build a museum at Rio Vista Junction, on the old Sacramento Northern mainline just outside of Suisun City. The organization now owns 22 miles of original track and right-of-way, and a large collection of equipment.

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