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Why Solano County needs to consider City/County Consolidation?

The city of Vallejo in July-August 2023 got hit with another crisis hitting it’s police force over staff emergency issues in the city police force and budget issues. Also in 2023 the County of Solano was hit with the worst 911 call time response for California. Solano county needs to dissolve the charters of Vallejo, Fairfield, Benicia, Suisun City, Vacaville, Dixon and Rio Vista to end this long running crisis over it’s finances to meet the budget demands for services. We need to remove separate city jurisdictions and combine all the resources to a county fund for education, health fire, law enforcement and paramedics. If Solano County were to be a city it would be tied with other California cities like Sacramento, Oakland, Fresno and Long Beach in terms of population. So far as of 2023 San Francisco is the only city-county consolidation entity in California. However there have been proposals to form city county consolidations in other parts of California most notably in 1990 when Sacramento City and Sacramento County proposed a merger but that was not approved at that time. If Sacramento county and Sacramento City merged it would have the same population as San Jose today at one million people as the largest city in Northern California. It was to combine city and county resources into one entity and easier tracking on how municipal resources are managed. Back to Solano County and Vallejo if there is a problem with how public safety is managed then the State of California should have the CHP take over the 911 system of Solano County, the city police and sheriff’s office for law enforcement protection also to ensure that they meet the civil rights laws of the state. Also for fire protection Cal Fire should take over the Vallejo Fire department until further notice to respond to urban and wildfire emergencies in Vallejo. The reason we want the city-county consolidation to happen is to reduce the mismanagement of the Vallejo city government and to make sure the county of Solano really meets state average going forward. Also We need to stop scapegoating San Francisco and Sacramento over our issues. Everything we see is because its a systemic issue affecting statewide and we got hit first. Yes we share a claim with Sacramento for least segregated part of California and most diverse part of the state but we have to confront the issues of income inequality escalating the segregation in the state. Note this proposal needs California State Legislature for debate and approval and disapproval before that can be a reality. Update the fictional idea I had turns out to be considered for real. Currently there is a homeland security concern for Solano County over proposed area to be gentrified near Travis Air Force Base. Also I had no idea that Flannery and Associates came up with this move in these allegations.

Now we know who owns the land in Solano County, California for this proposed new city. We need to address one of them the lawsuit Flannery and allies have filed against “previous and current owners of farmland” in able for this lawsuit to go forward the trial would need to move to Southern California because in Northern California Flannery allies can just taint the jury in places like Fairfield, Sacramento and San Francisco. In able to get a fair trial we need to move the lawsuit to Southern California in places like Los Angeles and San Diego to reduce the risk of tainting the jury over this land dispute near Travis Air Force Base and Rio Vista. Also we need not just a congressional hearing on how this new city will affect Travis Air Force Security, this needs a state review on how this land will impact the Sacramento Delta, Suisun Bay, Wildfires, and Earthquakes. Plus we need Caltrans, BART and SacRT to consider putting new freeways like make CA-113, CA-84, CA-160 and CA-12 meet interstate standards like I-80, I-680, I-780 and I-505 are, BART lines and SacRT lines in the area to ensure public transit and escape routes are included in the event disasters take place. This group hyping up a new city in Solano County needs to realize this stuff will take decades to achieve and not in the timeline they are thinking. So far Rep John Garamendi who represents Solano County, CA in the US House is getting both Federal and State officials to start the investigation over the plans and more to be verified as of this posting.

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* Editors Note the Proposed city in Solano County, CA is subjected for voter approval in 2024

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