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Sacramento RT and BART needs to Expand to Solano County within the next 3 decades

In the next 30 years Solano County would need to move investments for public transit. The reason is that there is an industrial development in Vacaville for the California Biomanufacturing center that is bringing biotech startup operations that attract college grads to the area. Also the county has to respond to the suburban sprawl from both Sacramento and San Francisco Bay Area with traffic on I-80 responding to both places. So far the major freeway for the county that serves both places has been in the process of improving the express lanes but we have to wait for 2025 when they are subject to open. However we need a parallel system where Bart, Sac RT, Yolobus, and Solano Express must agree to having a BART like and Light Rail systems for Solano County in the next three decades as jobs have to decentralize from major cities of California to other parts of the United States. In order for Solano County, California to get the public transit funding that requires a long debate between Board of Supervisors, California State Legislature and United States Congress to approve this move via a series of debates. This debate needs to consider how the lines go through faults like the Green Valley Fault and the Gordon Valley Fault. It must consider a percentage of traffic reduced from I-80 to measure success as benchmarks. Also it would need to consider the issues about gentrification that goes with putting these lines that should be up for debate. Stay tuned for more updates.

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